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THERMOFOCUS  No contact thermometer Item 25571      Price € 104.96 includes delivery

Thermofocus 6 in 1









The most advanced thermometers in the world! Thermofocus read infrared radiations from the surface of the skin to calculate
accurately the core body temperature.

- without touching: never in contact to avoid any risk of contagion
- non invasive: do not require patient collaboration, advised for children
- accurate: a sophisticated microprocessor warrants high precision
- economic: no need of expensive probes
- few seconds: time for pointing and reading temperature
- 1°C-55°C: for measurement of wide range of objects
- body temperature scan can be done quickly

3 buttons - for the family or the private doCtor who require maximum accuracy and flexibility of the temperature taking. Same as 25570 with an additional button ("home") to allow the user to read the ambient temperature and the one of other areas of the skin, as well as the temperature of objects and liquids within a range from 1° to 55° C (33.8 to 131° F). Provided with the exlusive Manual Quick Calibration System (MQCS) technology to quickly stabilize the device if moved between rooms with the different temperatures.


BATH THERMOMETER   Paediatric thermometers Item 25567           Price € 19.95 includes delivery

Measure water temperature in 90 sec. - Measurement range 0° C to 70° C


Item 25567     Price € 9.95 includes delivery

Individually packed in cartonbox, memorizes last temperature. - Auto power-off. - Display range 32.0°C-42.0°C, with accuracy ±0.1°C. 1.5V button battery. - Fast 120 seconds reading - Safe non toxic material - Fever alarm sound.