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Sonotrax Lite Pocket Doppler ( without probe )

Item 29490 Price € 89.95  includes delivery        



Pocket ultrasound doppler. Thanks to its small dimensions and light weight this device is easy to carry and transport.
Innovative design allows easy use of embedded features without compromising sophistication. This device presents advanced functionalities typical of professional medical equipment.
Precise foetal heart rate measurement with crystal clear audio quality.
Advanced energy saving (through automatic switch-off).
Other features
• Interchangeable probes
• Low battery indication

Sonotrax Probes

Probes for above Doppler   




Item 29496 Price € 149.95 2MHz waterproof probe
Item 29497 Price € 149.95 3MHz waterproof probe
Item 29498 Price € 149.95 4MHz waterproof probe
Item 29499 Price € 149.95 8MHz waterproof probe




Baby Sound Foetal Doppler with display

Item 29506 Price € 239.50  includes delivery     

This device allows hearing the heartbeat of a fetus from a builtin speaker as early as 10~12 weeks, and warns in case of serious problems of the fetus. For home and hospital use.
Supplied with gel bottle, 3 AA batteries and user manual.

- Portable and lightweight
- Built-in speaker to hear fetal heartbeats
- Numeric and trend curve display for FHR
- Automatic power-off function
- Backlight LCD display
- Date, time, battery status display
- Audible & visual FHR alarm
- Audio-out interface
- Fetal monitor DSP technology
- High-sensitivity probe
- 1 MHz working frequency


Foetal Doppler G2002

Item 29502 Price € 389.95  includes delivery


Small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket Doppler, with 2 MHz foetal probe, ideal for General Practitioner's or Midwife's use for routine antenatal foetal detection. Pocket Doppler can be used to detect the beating foetal heart from about 10th week of gestation. It may be used to locate the position of the placenta, thus aiding in the early diagnosis of placenta praevia, to survey blood flow of the umbilical cord and to diagnose multiple pregnancies. Foetal signals are easily located using the lightweight narrow beam transducer while internal signal processing minimizes noise artefacts. Audio foetal heart signals are available to the user via the built-in loudspeaker or option headset, with output level controlled by rotary volume control.


Foetal Doppler D2003 with display Item 29503 Price € 489.95  includes delivery

Pocket foetal doppler with same specification of item 29502 but with built-in foetal heart rate processing. Foetal heart rate (FHR) is displayed on a large LCD display whilst internal signal process minimises the noise artefacts. Supplied in a nice bag with a tube of coupling gel. User manual in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.