Medical Equipment Ireland


Semi Rigid Splint Kit

Item 34119 Price € 129.95

Kit of 3 splints (arm, wrist, leg) in nylon carrying bag. All splints are made of vinyl covered nylon, with lightweight stays providing high strength support. Adjustable velcro for easy use.
First Aid Air Cushion Splint Item 34106 Price € 119.95
Indispensable instrument for first aid in case of accidents, cutting and crushing injuries.
Prevent surface bleeding without stopping the circulation and secure painless transportation of the injured party.
The bandage is a transparent cover of PVC easy to clean and reusable, resistant against water and shifting weather conditions.
X-rays can penetrate and medical diagnosis can be made without removing the bandage.
The long tube (14.5 cm) with the valve make the inflation of the bandage easy, even by the injured party himself.
Set of 4 different pieces: leg, foot, arm, hand in a 4 compartments bag, with inflation pump.

Boston Splints Item 34123 Price € 19.95
Adaptable light-weight splints, x-ray translucent, coated with a non-toxic material which can be easily washed and disinfected.
- Size: 92 x 11 cm.
ALUMINIUM Splints - soft lining  

Aluminium splints soft lining With curved edges to avoid harming yourselves. Soft interior padding.
Aluminium thickness 1.2 mm.

GIMA Splints  

These supports immobilize your limbs in an efficient and practical way.
Each splint can be shaped to fit the patient's personal need.
It ensures a high degree of rigid support: thanks to inner part made of neoprene lined with 100% laminated,
absorbent-proof nylon assembled to a rigid metal splint.
A velcro band allows a quick fixing.
Available in 5 sizes or in a bag set of 5 pieces.

Vacuum Splint Kit Item 34119 Price € 309.95

The set includes vacuum splints for arm (70x50 cm), leg (100x70 cm)
forearm (50x30 cm) and a nylon bag.
Produced with high quality materials these splints allow perfect
immobilization of the lower and upper limbs by removing the air inside.
Equipped with an outside valve, to avoid troubles to the patient, and three velcro straps. Made in vinyl covered nylon, x-ray translucent.