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The unique aspherical optic system eliminates corneal and iris reflexes. The illuminated area of the retina remains fully visible even in case of small pupil (bright light). BETA 200 has 6 diaphragms with separately "green filter". It is recommended for small or expanded pupils; suitable for slit or fluorescent ophthalmoscopy as well as for fixation test. Range -35D to +40D. Supplied in hard case with replacement bulb.


Technical Specifications

• 6 standard diaphragms: slit, fixation star with polar co-ordinates, cobalt blue filter, large spot, small spot, hemi spot. • 6 diaphragms with green filter.


HEINE BETA 200S OPHTHALMOSCOPE - 2.5V Item 31735 Price € 795.00

Superior aspherical optics and 74 single-diopter steps - unique optical system: HEINE optimizes the Gullstrand principle with aspherical optics (separation of illumination and observation beam). Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated. A full view is guaranteed even with small pupils. - XHL (Xenon Halogen Technology): bright, white light. - recessed, multi-coated viewing window: avoids stray light. - optics mounted on precision metal chassis. - ergonomic shape: instrument fits the orbita comfortably in any position. - 7 apertures with separate red-free filter: - lens range: perfect focus even with high refractive errors.


Technical Specifications

• 74 single diopters steps + in 1 D steps: +1 through +38 D - in 1 D steps: -1 through -36 D • 6 Cobalt blue filter, fixation star with polarco-ordinates, large spot, small spot, pinhole, slit, hemispot • With red-free filter: Cobalt blue filter, fixation star with polar coordinates, large spot, small spot, pinhole, slit, hemispot


HEINE BETA 200 RETINOSCOPE - slit - 2.5V Item 31745 Price € 795.00

With parastop for finding the neutralization point (US pat.5,859,687): precise, easy selection of a parallel beam - dustproof: maintenance free - single control for vergence and rotation: comfortable operation - Integrated polarisation filter: eliminates stray light and internal reflexes for a brighter pupilling reflex - streak or spot retinoscope: simply by changing the bulb - XHL (xenon halogen technology): bright, white light. Bright fundus reflex, easy recognition of neutralization point - ergonomic shape: protects the examiner's orbita from stray light


HEINE OMEGA 500® Ophthalmoscopes
Item 31753 Price € 3695.00

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope with mPack power source, rheostat, transformer and 90°, angled adapter
- Super light weight Weighs: only 450 g
- Clearer, Crisper views: a new illumination system, including Xenon Halogen Technology bulb produces less reflexes off the cornea and clear, high resolution images of the fundus that are up to 100% brighter.
- Enhanced variable pupil function: allows for the precise, synchronized selection of observation and illumination optics for any pupil size. This patented system has been optimized and will now provide stereopsis in pupils ranging from 10 mm down to 1 mm.
- Fully featured: 3 Spot sizes: Large, Medium, and Small. Integrated diffused light filter. 3 Integrated Filters: Red-free, Cobalt Blue, and Yellow.
- Omega headband comfort: articulating Rear Hinge provides vertical adjustment of the rear band of the headband for individual placement.