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Professional Sphygmomanometer Latex Free

Item 32726 Price € 29.95  includes delivery        





Professional, stylish, reliable and lightweight sphygmomanometer with ABS manometer, integral bulb, high quality precision mechanism, velcro closure calibrated nylon cuff and one tube bladder Dial Ø 55 mm, with specially designed eye-catching colour printing and easy to read.


HEINE Sphymomanometers Item 32739 Price € 159.95 HEINE Sphygmomanometer Aluminium

With the new latex free G5® and G7® Heine, GIMA offers an aneroid sphygmomanometer of the highest quality of design and function with unequalled value for money. A modern, functional design combined with exceptional precision of measurement and durability make Heine G5® and G7® ideal for long-term use in clinic and practice environments.

- Latex-free
- Exceptionally-strong housing construction with triple-mounted, shockproof movement.
- Impact-resistant housings crafted in special, shock-absorbing materials incorporate the latest advances in injection-moulding technology.
- A microfilter protects the valve and movement.
- Oversized inflator speeds up cuff inflation.
Made in Germany. 5 years warranty.



RIESTER Sphymomanometers Item 32715 Price € 69.95 Riester Sphygmomanometer

A typical Riester quality product. In metal with aluminium
housing and single tube - plug-in connection.
- Calibrated nylon cuff with velcro.
- Latex bulb for pumping up the cuff
- Metal valve base
- Ergonomic spoon-shaped grip of stainless steel
- Single-tube connection
- Precision air release valve with fine adjustment and wear-free
- Microfilter protects air release valve and measuring system
- Specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm, with precision
movement and almost non-aging
- Diaphragm pressure-loading capacity up to 600 mm Hg
- Linear, tilted aluminum scale, from 0 to 300 mm Hg, ± 3 mmHg


Technical Specifications

• Easily readable aluminum scale from 0 to 300 mmHg • Precision air release valve with fine adjustment and wear-free • Latex bulb for insufflation cuff



RIESTER Sphymomanometers Wall Mounted Item 32742 Price € 129.95 Riester Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer

Aneroid sphygmomanometer, made of resistant plastic, with large dial (147 mm) and white pointer on black dial plate for easy-to-read measurements from 0 mm Hg to 300 mm Hg. Basket on back for cuff storage after use. Velcro-closure black cuff 2 tubes, and long coil tubing. Quality product: made in Germany


Technical Specifications
• Rotation 130°, 65° right, 65° left


RIESTER Sphymomanometers with Trolley Item 32747 Price € 99.95 Riester Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer

RIESTER Sphymomanometers with Trolley